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Proactive procurement is a process reflected in five outputs: • Quality • Cost • Time • Technology • Continuity of the supply.


7. 2. • Procurement cycle time.


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Procurement team roles and responsibilities.

[Note: The Project Identification Number is assigned by the Procuring Entity based on its own coding scheme and is not the same as the PhilGEPS reference number, which is generated after the posting of the bid opportunity on the PhilGEPS website.

Strategic Procurement Management provides a step-by-step guide to best practice in the field of procurement, and will help organisations unlock this potential. 8.

1 Storage 114. Regardless of the effort by the PPDA and the acknowledgement that the procurement department is capable of adding value to the organisation.

By fixing obligations and promises, contracts protect each party in a procurement transaction against the risk of unexpected changes in the future behaviour of business partners, thereby allowing safe and efficient planning, investing, and production in.
3 Key Challenges faced in Procurement 108.


Well-designed supply contracts are essential to effective procurement.

Design and Build Procurement. Procurement on the other hand is a much broader term that includes purchasing. The last opportunity to take an exam on this syllabus will be in May 2019, there will be no resit opportunities.

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For major and complex projects, the business case should be continually revisited at key points in the procurement life cycle, to ensure that the projects original aims, objectives, user requirements and benefits continue to be met.

APPENDIX 2 Summary of 2015 Procurement and Contracting Legislation APPENDIX 3 Sample Executive Approval Memo APPENDIX 4 Summary of UT Procurement Guidelines APPENDIX 5 Exclusive Acquisition Justification Form APPENDIX 6 Sample Non-Disclosure Statement APPENDIX 7 Sample Solicitation Announcement APPENDIX 8 Sample Pre-Proposal Conference Guidelines. process.




Chapter Summary.

Objectives 99.