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Mock-up definition, a model, often full-size, for study, testing, or teaching: a mock-up of an experimental aircraft. also mock-up n. .


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to make a model of something in order to show people what it will look like or how it will work. Take note these steps are not based on any website but is just a summarized assumption of what most websites do.

What does mock dress mean? 1.

Here is a step by step guide on how to create free clothing mockups online.

ʌp /. : a working sample (as of a magazine).

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Clothing mockups are ideal for presenting your newest funny or cute SVG sublimation design to the world.
From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English mock something ↔ up phrasal verb COPY to make a full-size model of something so that it looks real → mock-upmock → See Verb table mock-up ˈmock-up noun [countable] COPY a full-size model of something, made before the real thing is built, or made for a film, show etc mock-up of a mock.

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A direct advice on how to do professional clothing mockups for free without the help of a professional graphic designer.

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A mock-up is a downloadable image of a blank t-shirt (or sweatshirt, tank, etc) that allows you to add your design on top of image, to give you and your customers an idea of what the finished product will look like. Knitted Hat Mock-Up. Building Rights is one of the favourite online stores for buying mock up clothing meaning at much lower prices than you would pay if shopping on other similar services. a working full-scale model of a machine, apparatus, etc, for testing, research, etc. Jun 4, 2020 · A mockup is a full-size model of a design or device, used for product presentations or other purposes.

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[+ object] 1. A mockup is a static representation of a product, showing users and stakeholders how it may look and be used.

Urban Style Women T-shirt Mockups.

Downloading a t-shirt mock-up PSD file.


It contains elements such as the typography, logos, images, color schemes, and navigation visuals.

Simple-to-use PSD file with a smart object for adding your own designs.