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Childe/Tartaglia is from the video game Genshin Impact.

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Childe's English voice actor, Griffin Burns, has said in a TikTok Q&A that he ships Childe and Zhongli.

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Intro Sickick - Navi. I hate childe yes he is on my team but hes gross.

Underrated in the sense that in most guides I’ve checked out don’t even consider Childe + Ganyu except at c4 or strictly for the +1 aa passive. ogg.

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| Hey girlie it's your boy childe 😔 ask me for other characters to do 😃 #drawings #draw #genshinimpact #childe #tartaglia #childetartaglia #fanarts | Drawing tartaglia in my English copy book cause I'm bored | Omg his face🥵🥵😎 | He's ugly |.


Jul 16, 2022 · ☆The Hey, Girlie, Hold Still : ☆ Childe: *Pins Lumine to the wall, enjoying her flustered face as he smirks at her* Lumine: C-Childe, is now really the TIME and PLACE to be doing this?! We are in public! All of Liyue can probably walk on by! Childe: Lumine, this is extremely important, do you trust me? Lumine: Depends on the moment-Childe. Mar 21, 2023 · Hey girlie, hold still. Fanart I drew of Childe from Genshin Impact grabbing you with his famous line, “Hey girlie hold still!”.

. . be/1JH7LhHFa3ESong https://youtu. daily childe doodles ⚢. Childe is someone who’s dream was to travel and go adventuring but ended up becoming a fighter for Tsaritsa, Lumine is an adventurer who goes around traveling while also fighting people.

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Of course I’m going to be shameless and say me.


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Their Childe cosplay might be their best work yet, capturing the look of the eleventh member of the Fatui Harbingers down to the last hair strand.